About ME

It's safe to say that my photography exploits relate right back to my childhood days of rambling the countryside looking for the best fishing spots that apparently held 'monster' fish just waiting to be caught. Or exploring the fields on our side of town on the hunt for a cool place to build a fort. All too often these days I find myself climbing over barbed wire fences on photography outings and having flashbacks of my friends trying to unhook my duffle coat hood from a barb or two. Looking back now it seemed inevitable that one or more of us wore clothes ripped by barbed wire...sometimes in precarious places! I'd never be in the house-outside was where all the adventures began. 

The same thing applies today and it's where i'm happiest and most free. Sitting on a hill somewhere with soaking wet feet from the morning dew waiting for sunrise beats anything hands down. Sometimes the photography actually feels like a by-product and merely a way of proving what I saw!

I hope you enjoy browsing through my images that i've accumulated. The past few years have seen my interests evolve and change and i'm at a  point now where i've found my own little niche and area of interest-The mountains and rugged coastline of this island. Of course, there's a few more recognisable locations thrown in there too but hopefully my photos will have you thinking "I'd love to see that myself some day!".